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Related post: in the various reports by Prof. W. O. At water, of Wesley an University. In the annual reports of the Storrs School at the Agricul- tural Experiment Station, also in a report of the U. S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries for 1888, on the "Chem- ical Composition and Nutritive values of Food-fishes and Aquatic Invertebrates," are an extended series of tables showing the relative value of a great variety of foods. Such reports will do much towards widening our knowl- edge of useful foods, and of introducing them to our tables. The general absence of useful foods, such as fishes, salads, cheese, etc., Buy Cheap Valacyclovir was noticeable almost every- where in Cambridge. Professor Atwater's reports show, 220 THE INFLUENCE OF moreover, that it is no longer necessary to go to Ger- many for instruction regarding such matters. We already can secure it at home. To the knowledge of dietaries in use abroad by soldiers, farmers, etc., which have been investigated by eminent German physiologists and others, Prof. At water has added extensive data on the dietaries of our operatives in various industries, our football players, our College Professors, etc. An application of" such knowledge cannot fail in being productive of good results to the students of our Colleges, and it is to be hoped that in the present great need for increased facilities for diet purposes at Harvard, plans will be matured which will in- corporate a knowledge of what may be Cheap Valacyclovir called Modern Scientific Cooking. DISCUSSION. Dk. H. P. Walcott, of Cambridge. I shall occupy but a, very few minutes, and will do so in simply calling attention to the attitude of the people at Cambridge, who are respon- sible for the administration of the University. It is needless to say, I hope, in entering on this discussion, that every one of the papers read contains abundance of excellent sug- gestions with which I fully agree. But it should be re- membered that Harvard College during recent years, at any rate, has adopted the principle of non-interference as far as possible. Forty or fifty years ago the student came to Har- vard College at the age of fifteen or sixteen years, incapable of looking after himself under his new condition of life, and his parents never meant at that time that he should be his own master.' The college made many rules for him to go by. He was obliged to attend divine worship ; he should be Purchase Valacyclovir Online in his room at 9 o'clock at night ; he could not be in Boston later than 10 o'clock on Saturday nights ; and so on. In the course of time things changed very much, and the col- COLLEGE LIFE ON HEALTH. 221 lege authorities adopted the principle of entire liberty as far as possible. With this they introduced the election of studies, and relaxed their careful watch of the student's habits of life. At the same time it is to be remembered that the average age of the Harvard student was gradually increasing until now 18 and 19 is the average age of the Freshman. And I think that the general feeling among the corporation officers at Cambridge is that a young man of Order Valacyclovir 18 or 19 }^ears of age probably comes to Cambridge with the habits of his life pretty well formed ; that he represents at that time what his family chooses to have him ; that no especial influence over his habits will be Generic Valacyclovir brought about by the college. At any rate they appreciate that at that age many young men are entirely dependent upon them- selves in the city of Boston with still less to guide them than at Cambridge. Therefore, the logical position of the authorities would seem to be this, I think : That they should offer to the student all the advice and the opportunities for getting the best advice that can be procured. Whether there are any means by which you can make a student take advantage of that advice, and live according to certain healthful rules of life is certainly very doubtful. The re- sponsibilities of his life and health ought to be in his own hands. The student should not create any conditions of his own that are unfavorable to health. When it comes to the vexed question of athletics, about which Dr. Conant has talked to us, it seems to me that athletics are matters of very little consequence. They include very few of the young men, and I regret to say that I think they Order Valacyclovir Online have not Valacyclovir Buy done any good. I do not think we get much good from nine young men playing base-ball, and when it comes to playing foot-ball we are reminded of what Scott says in Iv.anhoe, where one man was killed and several wounded. I think it is very descriptive of one Buy Valacyclovir Online of those games of foot-ball. What the college is endeavoring to do is to offer an op- portunity to the student for indulging in all Buy Valacyclovir the out-door sports. The conclusion, so far as the authorities at Cambridge go, is to let these 2,500 young men work out their own salva- tion, with so much assistance as they can properly give them. 222 THE INFLUENCE OF Dr. S. W. Driver, of Cambridge. Purchase Valacyclovir I am naturally op- timistic, but some Valacyclovir Online of the readers would seem to hold the opposite view. In considering the influence of college life on health we have to consider three great classes. I would say that were we to take the two thousand odd men at Harvard College and turn them loose into the city of Boston to do for them- selves, at the ages they are at Harvard, with all their varying circumstances, for four years, and then- take the same
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